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The Oscar nominations for the 93rd annual Academy Awards have been announced.

The Academy Awards will be presented on April 25, having been delayed from February 28 as a result of the pandemic. They will be held at Union Station and Dolby Theatre in L.A., and will air live on ABC at 5 p.m. PT. Given the ongoing restrictions, the exact format of the ceremony remains unclear.

Exceptionally, films that premiered on streaming platforms were able to qualify for the awards this year, because of disruptions caused by Covid. For the same reason, the Academy extended the end of the eligibility timeline from December 31, 2020 to February 28, 2021.

Scroll past the lists for nominee reactions and read our analysis here.

Animated Feature
  • Onward
    Dan Scanlon, Kori Rae
  • Over the Moon
    Glen Keane, Gennie Rim, Peilin Chou
  • A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
    Richard Phelan, Will Becher, Paul Kewley
  • Soul
    Pete Docter, Dana Murray
  • Wolfwalkers
    Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, Paul Young, Stéphan Roelants
Animated Short Film
  • Burrow
    Madeline Sharafian, Michael Capbarat
  • Genius Loci
    Adrien Mérigeau, Amaury Ovise
  • If Anything Happens I Love You
    Will McCormack, Michael Govier
  • Opera
    Erick Oh
  • Yes-People
    Gísli Darri Halldórsson, Arnar Gunnarsson
Visual Effects
  • Love and Monsters
    Matt Sloan, Genevieve Camilleri, Matt Everitt, Brian Cox
  • The Midnight Sky
    Matthew Kasmir, Christopher Lawrence, David Watkins, Max Solomon
  • Mulan
    Sean Faden, Anders Langlands, Seth Maury, Steve Ingram
  • The One and Only Ivan
    Nick Davis, Greg Fisher, Ben Jones, Santiago Colomo Martinez
  • Tenet
    Andrew Jackson, Andrew Lockley, Scott Fisher, David Lee

In addition, Soul was nominated for in the categories for original score (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste) and sound (Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott, and David Parker).

Animated Feature Reactions

Director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae:

Thank you to the Academy for honoring our film. We share this nomination with the entire cast and the crew at Pixar who were essential in bringing the magic and wonder of Ian and Barley’s journey to life. Onward was a very personal story, exploring the idea of what one would do if they had more time with a loved one they’d lost. It’s incredibly meaningful to see how this has resonated with audiences, and we couldn’t be more thankful to the Academy for their recognition.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
Directors Will Becher and Richard Phelan:

Shaun the Sheep nominated for an Oscar!? A collection of inaudible sounds followed by silence… And that’s just our reaction to the news! We’re absolutely thrilled to receive an Oscar nomination! This is an incredible experience and a reflection of the amazing hard work and talent of everyone who worked on the film. The message of making new friends, learning from each other and always remaining positive in spite of difficult circumstances is something that we think a lot of people have connected to. On behalf of our silent movie star, Shaun the Sheep, and all of us at Aardman, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Academy.

Over the Moon
Director Glen Keane, producers Peilin Chou and Gennie Rim:

What a dream come true for Over the Moon to be recognized by the Academy today! We share this incredible honor with our entire cast and crew, who came together during this highly unusual time, to create something truly beautiful. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share Fei Fei’s extraordinary journey of love, loss and healing with the world. We are also forever indebted to our screenwriter and friend, the late Audrey Wells, for entrusting us with this most precious love letter to her daughter. We hope our film moves and inspires those who may be trying to find their own way, and helps to make our world feel a little smaller and more connected. On behalf of the entire Over the Moon family, a huge thank you to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for this recognition!

Director Tomm Moore:

Animated Short Filmmaker Reactions

Director Erick Oh:

It is such an incredible honor to have Opera nominated for an Oscar! I hope this recognition will bring a very positive impact on all the creators and audiences out there because Opera presents a different way to view and enjoy the medium of animation. I’m deeply grateful that the Academy believed in my vision for this film, and a huge thank you to every artist and friend who were a part of this project. Animation is a team effort and none of this would have been possible without your talent, love and support. To me, Opera carries an important message about our society and history. I hope this nomination helps Opera reach a broader audience so we can start the conversation to make our lives and ourselves better.

If Anything Happens I Love You
Writer-directors Will McCormack and Michael Govier, producer Maryann Garger:

We are truly honored to be nominated alongside this group of inspiring shorts. Our film was made around a kitchen table with a small group of amazing artists and we never imagined that we would be here. This film was a passion project and a deep meditation on grief. We see ourselves in the loss, we see ourselves in the grief and we see ourselves in the way forward. We are humbled that so many people opened their hearts to the film. A heartfelt thank you to the Academy. If Anything Happens I Love You, was created for the ones lost, and the ones left behind.

Director Madeline Sharafian:

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