Decorado. Decorado.

3D Wire, a combination festival/market/meeting point for Spain’s animation industry, wrapped up its eighth edition in Segovia last weekend, and announced the winners for its film and projects competitions during a ceremony on Saturday, October 8.

I served on the jury for the 3D Wire Fest section of the event, along Luce Grosjean, Rebeca Núñez, and Paolo Polesello. We chose three winners and one special mention from a strong selection of 45 films programmed by Loic Portier. The European and Spanish short film winner that we selected will go on to be shortlisted for the Cartoon d’Or Award, and the Spanish winner will also be shortlisted for Spain’s Goya Awards.

It’s a remarkable event—every country should be so lucky to have such a networking event—and I’ll write more about what took place at 3D Wire shortly. In the meantime, here is a look at 3D Wire’s 2016 winners:


Best International Short Film

  • Dissonance
    Till Nowak (Germany)

Best European Short Film

  • Love
    Reka Bucsi (France/Hungary)

Best Spanish Short Film

  • Decorado
    Alberto Vázquez (Spain)

Best Spanish Short Film (Special Mention)

  • Three Fitted Flies
    María Álvarez, Elisa Morais (Spain/Lithuania)

Movistar+ Short Film Project Award

  • Mum’s the Word
    Khris Cembe (Spain)

2D Young Talent Award by Toon Boom Animation

  • Hair
    Christian Villacañas (Spain)
  • Back Then
    Diego Porral (Spain)

Interactive RTVE Award to the Most Innovative App Project

  • Superbarista
    Appnormals Team (Spain)

Interactive RTVE Award to the Most Innovative Video Game Project

  • M. The City in the Center of The World (Nubla, Episode 2)
    Gammera Nest (Spain)

Interactive RTVE Award to the Most Innovative VR Video Game Project

  • Ana Juan, Drawing on the Other Side
    Unit Experimental (Spain)

Best video game project

  • The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind
    Delirium Studios (Spain)

Best International Short Film

  • None of That
    Isabela Littger, Anna Paddock, Kriti Kaur (Brazil/USA/India)

Best Spanish Short Film

  • Darrel
    Marc Briones, Alan Carabantes (Spain)