Ever wonder what it feels like to not get nominated for an Oscar?

Every year after the nominations are announced, you’re guaranteed to see reaction videos of filmmakers listening to the nominations and celebrating when their name is announced. But what about videos of the artists and filmmakers who didn’t get nominated?

Now we know what that heartbreak looks like thanks to Kevin Baillie, the co-founder of vfx studio Atomic Fiction and production visual effects supervisor on Welcome to Marwen. The film was one of the ten projects shortlisted for the visual effects Academy Award, so Baillie had a 50% chance at being nominated. The film was a key contender too, with a number of industry trades predicting a nomination for the film.

While Welcome to Marwen wasn’t among the five films nominated on Tuesday, Baillie still shared the video of watching the live nomination announcements with his family at 5:30am. Here it is:

Every artist has had similar moments at one point or another in their professional career, and it’s really refreshing to see a prominent industry figure sharing a vulnerable moment rather than just curating personal highlights on social media. And while Baillie didn’t get nominated, it’s no small accomplishment to be shortlisted by the Academy as one of ten films with the best visual effects.

“[T]he whole experience has been very special,” Baillie wrote on Twitter. “Figured that, if I’m gonna share the high moments, I’ve gotta share the low ones too.”

For more about his work on Welcome to Marwen, read our interview with Baillie.

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