Guy Wants Animation Like ‘Coraline’–Whatever That Was Guy Wants Animation Like ‘Coraline’–Whatever That Was
Bad Ideas

Guy Wants Animation Like ‘Coraline’–Whatever That Was

Check out this request on Elance where somebody needs 60 to 90 seconds of animation in the style of Coraline for a thousand bucks. The person writes, “At least, I think Coraline was stop motion…might’ve been 4D or some new fangled get the idea.” No, actually, we don’t get the idea.

A protip: when requesting work for a low price, you should at the very least do basic research and understand the technique you need. That effort is a basic sign of respect to the artist you’re hiring.

Not understanding what you’re hiring somebody to do creates the potential for misunderstandings between the employer and contractor. The person who sent this to me, Chris S., writes, “It wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the up front ignorance and the lack of respect for the kind of work he is seeking.”