10th Ave Productions Announce Six Animated Features for 2012

St-Augustin-de-Desmaures Following a very busy year in 2011 with numerous productions and the start-up of its first 3D animation co-production, Sarila, 10th Ave Productions and its president, Nancy Florence Savard, are pleased to announce that five more 2D and 3D animation featurelength projects are in preparation at the regional production house in Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures, near Quebec City.

“It is true that developing a niche in animation feature-length films is a long-term project,” notes producer-director Savard. “Development alone is more demanding than a fiction film due to the visual development process. We have to find an artistic direction, create characters and sets, and make at least one version of the story in storyboards. The storyboard is an essential form of writing in animation: it gives us an understanding of the visual narrative line, and it also makes it possible to accurately assess the production needs and find good partners. Development thus demands more time and money.

Fortunately, a well-crafted story has a longer average market life, and the Cinéac results show that animation does well in both Quebec and Europe. The genre generates revenues all over the world, not just on Quebec screens.

“And I’m particularly happy,” Savard concluded, “to see that animation currently has good momentum, as distributors and investors now see potential for spreading the word about Quebec talent and they believe in a return on the investment made by the public purse.”

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