ADC Licensing Preps Launch of New Cartoon Web Channel, ”Toon Goggles”

ADC Licensing, a venture capital firm, specializing in the financing of original animation content, has announced plans to launch the twenty-four hour kids’ online network, Toon Goggles. This unique online channel which is scheduled to launch towards the beginning of June will introduce millions of kids to professionally produced original cartoons, animated trailers, clips and pilots. Toon Goggles strictly pre-screens all animated content to be parent friendly and age appropriate.

In the day and age of the digital world taking precedence over traditional media, Toon Goggles allows animators and rights holders to showcase their exciting new cartoons in front of their most important demographic – KIDS. Children will love the fact that Toon Goggles allows them to stream unlimited hours of parent-friendly cartoons, create their own network and share their favorite shows with friends by email. In addition, Toon Goggles has taken the future of the Internet into account and has developed this portal in an HTML5 framework, which allows viewers to stream content on all existing mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, Personal Computers, and Internet ready televisions; making the channel, “TOTALLY, MOBILEY, GLOBALLY.”

The analytic data generated by Toon Goggles has never been offered before to network executives or content rights holders. Due to strict COPPA compliance, children’s information is unidentified. With Toon Goggles the web channel can provide information regarding how many kids watch a particular show per day, how long they watched, initial feedback, what country they’re from and more – data vital to animation studios and right holders to gain attention from major networks.

“Toon Goggles was created after we presented a cartoon that placed in the top twenty most viewed cartoons by network executives for two years in a row at MIP Junior,” says ADC Licensing CEO, Ira Warren. “After realizing how difficult it was to get network attention, we decided to create a web channel that puts cartoons in front of kids first.”

“My job was to come up with a site that is innovative, parent-friendly and vibrant,” states Stephen Hodge, EVP of New Media at ADC Licensing. “Our technical team succeeded and there’s nothing like it on the Internet today.”

Toon Goggles is not only interested in newly created content, but is ready to accept cartoon shows that are several years old. Successful cartoons in one country can be targeted specifically to territories where it does not conflict with their current broadcast agreements. With a second life, animators and rights holders have the ability to renew financial interest in unfinished projects thanks to ADC Licensing.

Currently, Toon Goggles offers cartoons produced in English and Spanish with plans to expand with cartoons in other languages.