Animation Collective Motion Graphics NYC Launches in Lower East Side

Motion Graphics NYC launched it’s website with twenty five well-meaning artists into the ocean of the internet. The animation collective was born out of another computer graphics company Motion Capture NYC located at 61 Rivington St. on the Lower East Side. “We were getting Motion Graphics clients even though we are a motion capture company.” says Steve Day now co-producer of both studios. “My partner and I said to ourselves, ‘since we’re getting motion graphics contracts, perhaps we should add to Motion Capture NYC another studio and call it Motion Graphics NYC?” But launching a Motion Graphics Studio would take more than just good SEO.

“We needed Motion Graphics artists. Our artists primary training is in 3D.” says Jim, Steve’s partner and co-producer. So, the two men set out to gather a group of top artists working in the new york graphics world. “What we discovered is that we were interested in building an artist-centered studio.” said Steve. This idea struck a chord with many of their contacts in the industry. Much to their delight many of the artists enthusiastically came onboard.

They also begin sharing the idea on the web and soliciting artist reel submissions. When the process was over they had gathered a team with ample credits to their name and a wide-range of styles and clients. They also intentionally chose artists with wildly varying levels of experience, from artists like Sean Wehril (Title designer for Incredible Hulk and Valkyire ) to Christian Trautmann a junior animation student at SVA. This matches the studio’s desire to appeal to both small and large clients.

Will the studio keep their artist roster capped at 25? “Definitely” Steve answers, “any more would be uncivilized. But we are still seeking to refine the artist pool we already have. So any interest is welcome.”

Their 1500 Square foot studio is located on the Lower East Side. Just three blocks down from Psyop a senior computer graphics studio, frequently hired to create Superbowl commercials. “We hope to catch up to them one day. Should that day come, we will plan going about making our work in a different way.” says Steve.

But, why do they have two companies that include the NYC label? “Were big fans of the city, especially our neighborhood. Just three streets north is Katz deli. You can get the best Reuben sandwich in the world there. Walk a few blocks south and you can eat the best doughnut in the world.” says Jim referring to the Doughnut Plant. A boutique bakery where an average item costs anywhere from $2-$3 a piece. “But it will be the best doughnut you’ve head in your life.” Steve retorts.

“Our site is up. Our location is good. Our artists are ready.” Jim says, “Now we just wait and see what happens.” Can a studio brought together by good will, passion, and the right SEO survive? Only time will tell.

Motion Graphics NYC and their merry band of artists can be found son the web at They are located at 61 Rivington St. between Allen and Elderidge. Artist applications can be sent to [email protected]

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