Anime series “Cat Shit One” posted on YouTube for free viewing

The full CG animation Cat Shit One (run time: 22 min) is available FREE for 2 weeks, starting Midnight, 02.05.2011 on YouTube. IDA, Inc. (International Digital Artists, CEO Junya Okabe) is showing the brand-new CG animation, full-length and uncut, completely free. “If it’s going to happen anyway, then I’m going to do it! This is my passionate response to rampant piracy,” says Producer Okabe. It is limited to the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The free showing is limited to a 2-week period. To watch the full-length episode: Click Here! Recently on February 1st at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, VES Awards (Visual Effects Society), America’s premier VFX technology trade group, nominated ‘Cat Shit One’ along with Pixar’s ‘Day and Night’ for awards. DVD and Blu-ray go on sale on, at the same time as the YouTube release. As a bonus feature, commentaries on the military action scenes by the tactical advisor and interviews with the production staff are also included.

The stereoscopic 3D version of ‘Cat Shit One’ is already completed and available. Contact us for the broadcasting and distribution details of the 3D version. Original comics ‘Cat Shit One’ is written by renowned war manga artist, Motofumi Kobayashi and published by SOFTBANK Creative corp (Japan). The translated version has been sold in the U.S., Spain and Poland.

‘CAT SHIT ONE’ (Full-length episode: 22 minutes)

A group of desert terrorists kidnap civilians. A team of rabbit commandos, Packy and Botasky, from the Carrot Military Service, a private military company, witness a murder of an escaping hostage. Afraid that the rest of the hostages will undergo the same situation, the team demands backup. However, the backup arrival time will be too late for the hostages. ‘Their lives are in our hands!’ Without any other options, the rabbit commandos charge for the enemy line on their own.

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Producer: Junya Okabe
Original Story: Motofumi Kobayashi
Production: IDA, Inc. / anima, Inc.,
Copyright: (c) 2010 Motofumi Kobayashi/ anima・IDA

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