Applied Art Productions Acquires Rights To “Delhi Safari” Applied Art Productions Acquires Rights To “Delhi Safari”

Applied Art Productions Acquires Rights To “Delhi Safari”

Hollywood, CA — Applied Art Productions, a Hollywood-based independent film and distribution company, has obtained rights to a new 3D animation film, Delhi Safari.

The film’s environmental message has received support from the world’s largest animal rights group PETA. Special Projects and Communication for PETA, Bruce Wieland, stated in a letter that they are “pleased with the film’s strong animal rights storyline, and we applaud its intention to promote a sense of world community and responsibility for the impact we humans have on the billions of other animals with whom we share the planet.”

Wieland also stated that PETA hopes to make younger audiences aware of “the positive animal rights and pro-environmental messages of this film.”

Coupled with PETA’s enthusiasm about the film’s message are the actors who lend their voice to these unique animals. “It’s a journey for these animals, standing up for their own rights to exist in nature and on the planet,” said Jane Lynch regarding the film’s storyline and message.

Christopher Lloyd, another one of the star voices to appear in Delhi Safari, specified the importance of the film communicating to today’s youth about understanding how vital it is to defend our surroundings. Lloyd declared, “For really young children it’s hard becoming aware, and getting that message at a very early age is positive.”

The story of this film is set around a young cub, Yuvi, who embarks on an adventure to save his environment from being destroyed for development purposes. After a tragic event, Yuvi decides to travel to Delhi with his troop of friends in hopes to communicate to the humans not to destroy their habitat.

Alongside the familiar voices of Jane Lynch and Christopher Lloyd are Jason Alexander, Brad Garrett, Vanessa Williams, and Cary Elwes.

Delhi Safari was shown in the Annecy Film Festival 2012 and won best feature film at FICCI FRAMES 2012. “Applied Art Productions is not only delighted to release this film but also thrilled to be part of the endeavor to create awareness for animal rights,” said founder Mitesh Patel.

Delhi Safari will be released into theaters in October 2012.

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