ASIFA-SF Announces Winners For Inaugural Spring Festival

San Francisco, CA — ASIFA-SF, the San Francisco chapter of the Association International du Film d’Animation (International Animated Film Association) founded in 1960 in Annecy, France, has announced the winners of the first-ever ASIFA-SF Spring Festival:

Best in Show
Leonard Cohen’s Plato

Commissioned Films

First Place (tie) Leonard Cohen’s The Parable of the Tulleries and David Tart’s The Story of Animation

Funniest Film Award David Tart’s The Story of Animation

Independent Animation

First Place, Joanna Priestly’s Dear Pluto
Second Place, Mark West’s The Tyger
Third Place (tie) Alan Orcutt’s There’s an App for That and Sabrina Wanie’s Hope (music by Nik Phelps)

Excellence in Animation Mark West’s The Tyger

Best Music Video Luke Jaeger’s Carolina Shout

Special Jury Award Karen Lithgow’s It’s all about Perspective (music by Nik Phelps)

Excellence in Humor Jefferson Thomas’ Rathle and Alan Orcutt’s There’s an App for That

Excellence in Experimental Animation Ben Ridgway’s Cellular Circuitry

College students

First Place (tie), Michelle Ikemoto’s Tule Lake (SJSU) and Rebecca Denton’s The Last Goodbye (SFSU)
Second Prize Allison Huffman’s Warden of the Woods (SFSU)
Third Place Bronto House Animation’s The Pod (SJSU)

Excellence in Humor Chris Lam and Eunsoo Jeong’s Couch & Potatoes (SJSU)

Excellence in Animation Michelle Ikemoto’s Tule Lake (SJSU)

Young animators

Excellence in Humor Gwydion Brain’s Build-a-Baby Workshop (BayCat Animation Program)

Merit Awards go to all who entered this category: Perry Chen for Ingrid Pitt, Trevor Cartmill-Endow for Just Say No to Fur, Dani Bowman for Mr. Raindrop, students of Gene Hamm at Alchemia and students of Tim Harrington at BayCat.

Join the Bay Area’s animation community at the ASIFA-SF Awards Party. See the winning films, meet some of the winners, and enjoy the potluck treats. The event is FREE — bring your friends!

Awards Party
Oddball Films
275 Capp Street, third floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

Awards: 6:30pm
Screenings: 8:00pm

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