A pair of Sydney-based animators have just released Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools (EDAP Tools), a collection of plugin commands and optimized keyboard shortcuts for Macromedia / Adobe Flash that are done with character animation in mind.

“EDAP Tools are a part of a whole workflow, which can dramatically speed up and streamline the process of designing, rigging and animating digital cutouts in Flash,” says Nickolay Tilcheff, one of the project’s creators. ” EDAP Tools come in one neat package, which is easily installed and deinstalled via Extensions Manager.”

EDAP Tools is a free and open source project. The software is licensed under GNU GPL v.3 and the texts, information, articles and tutorials on the site under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

“Most books on Flash cover only the basics and although there is a lot of advanced Flash knowledge around, it is somehow scattered and flooded by programming tutorials and tips,” Tilcheff explains. “We’ve tried to start outlining the process of design, creating Flash builds and animating in its entirety and complexity and are hoping that the site will become a good resource and a place for discussions, where other advanced users will share knowledge and methods with everyone.”

Chris Arrant

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