BRB’s “Canimals” Picked Up By France’s Canal+ Family & TeleTOON+

Canimals just keeps on going. The fun-filled adventure series of curious little characters who look like tin cans is set to be shown in open-broadcasting format in France with the help of Canal+ Family starting next October. The original BRB Internacional series, co-produced by BRB’sScreen 21, Aardman and Voozclub, will be also be shown later on TéléTOON+ in keeping with the dual broadcast window idea mentioned by Laurence Blaevoet, Director of Canal +’s Children Channels, at the recent MIFA in Annecy, France.

Done in 3D stereoscopic, Canimals (52 x 7’) is a unique comedy featuring some very curious cartoon characters with bodies that look like tin cans but faces that remind of dogs, cats, etc. They hide from humans as they go about their business of trying to unravel our world from their particular perspective, which of course leads to some great mischief. They’re all uniquely different: there’s nervous Ato, thoroughly charming Mini, gluttonous Uly, solitary Fizzy and scaredy-cat Nia. And they are part of a real world, in which scenes from everyday life are faithfully reproduced.

Canimals has also been acquired by other leading television channels such as Mediaset-Italia 1, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Canal Panda España and Disney Latinamerica. Aimed at a target audience of 6-10 year olds, it has a KIDS’ JURY prize to its name and is currently preparing a worldwide brand launch.