Breakthrough Entertainment Licenses “Crash Canyon” Prime Time Animated Series In The U.S. To MAV TV

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Crash Canyon, the original prime time animated series produced by Breakthrough Entertainment in association with Shaw Rocket Fund and TELETOON Canada and developed by The Simpson’s co-executive producer Joel Cohen, has been licensed in the US to MAV TV, a national cable broadcaster reaching 45 million homes through affiliate deals with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Cablevision, Charter, Verizon FiOS, GCI, the NCTC and NRTC.

MAV TV will debut Crash Canyon in August as part of the network’s prime time comedy line-up.

In addition to Joel Cohen and Producer-Executive Story Editor Greg Lawrence (Kevin Spencer), other contributing Crash Canyon writers include Tim Long (The Simpsons) and Chuck Tatham (How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development).

“MAV TV has successfully created impressive brand recognition for its unique mix of cutting-edge programming.  We are delighted to introduce American audiences to Crash Canyon as part of the network’s prime time line-up,” said Nat Abraham, President of Distribution for Breakthrough Entertainment.

Crash Canyon focuses on the Wendell family whose family vacation turns out to be a disaster — in fact, an actual disaster! After accidentally driving off a cliff, the Wendells plummet two miles straight down into a canyon.  When they stumble out of their van, they are alive and, as they also realize, not alone.

The exact same fate has befallen several others before them and the Wendells are now just the newest residents of a community of everyone that has driven, cycled, sky-dived or even crashed their NASA landing capsule into. Their new neighbors include an astronaut and his chimp companion, an old lady who has domesticated a bear, a has-been British punk rocker, a man in a perpetual coma, a ventriloquist and his dummy, and many more.  The Wendells and all these characters hope to escape, but until they do, these are the citizens of the impromptu, gravity-cursed community of Crash Canyon.