Call For Entries: Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2012

24th International competition

Registration Deadlines :
– July 15, 2011 : for films made in 2010 (after July, 1st)
– October 14, 2011 : for films made in 2011

Registration fee : no fee

1) Films completed after : July 1, 2010
2) Maximum Running Time : 40 minutes
3) Origin : Worldwide, France excepted
4) Festival screening format : 35 mm, Beta SP Pal or Digital Betacam Pal

For further information :
Christian Guinot: [email protected]

27th Short Film Market

Registration Deadline: November 10, 2011

Registration fee: no fee

Only films entered at the 2012 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival can be registered at the 27th Short Film Market.
For further information: Roger Gonin: [email protected]

11th Lab competition

There is no registration for this competition since the films will be chosen from those entered into the International or National competition.
For further information: Calmin Borel: [email protected]

Registration site (