Cartoon Network UK To Broacast LEGO “Hero Factory”

Hero Factory from LEGO® hits TV screens this summer for the first time in its very own UK series on Cartoon Network, the popular kids’ channel owned by Turner Broadcasting.

Cartoon Network will be screening seven programmes following the Heroes through a series of missions to protect the universe and bring the Villains that threaten it to justice. The Hero Factory programmes will launch in August and run until October. This launch marks the first time that LEGO Hero Factory has partnered with a UK TV network.

Turner Media Innovations has teamed up with LEGO and its media-buying agency Carat Sponsorship to create a LEGO Hero Factory advertising campaign on the network. The product range will be official sponsor of ‘Hero Hour’ and ‘Hero Weekends’, branded content blocks on Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network Too.

Turner Media Innovations has created unique sponsorship idents for LEGO Hero Factory, which incorporate the Cartoon Network channel logo, as part of the innovative channel sponsorship deal. The campaign is additionally supported by a bespoke microsite.

Harry Harrison, brand manager for LEGO Hero Factory said: “We’re really excited about this partnership with Cartoon Network. Since we launched the Hero Factory range in 2010 we’ve seen a growing appetite from the fans to understand more about the characters and the missions they get involved in.

We’re looking forward to seeing the reaction from all of the fans now that they can have the chance to delve deeper into the characters and be a part of the action!”

“It’s fantastic to have content from such a well-known and much-loved brand on our network. This is an exciting time in the evolution of the LEGO Hero Factory brand, and we’re delighted to be part of the success story.” added Camille Mendes, Acting Account Director, at Turner Media Innovations.

LEGO Hero Factory starts on Saturday 27 August at 8.30am and 6pm and repeats at the same time on Sunday 28 August. The full episode schedule is as follows:

· 27 August – Mission #1: Blaze of Glory 8.30am and 6pm [repeated 3 Sept 8.30am and 6pm] On mission to secure a threatened explosives plant, Rookie Furno gets an unexpected opportunity to prove himself.

· 10 September – Mission #2: Core Crisis at 10.30am and 6pm A standard Hero Evac procedure turns nasty when Corroder returns to cause havoc.

· 17 September – Mission #3: Enemy Within at 10.30am and 6pm Stormer takes a hit of Meltdown’s degraded nuclear radiation – can the other Heroes find a cure before it’s too late?

· 24 September – Mission # 4:Von Nebula at 10.30am and 6pm Stormer is confronted by his old colleague Von Ness, but in a new and fearsome form…

· 1 October – Mission # 5: Ordeal of Fire at 10.30am and 6pm The Heroes need an upgrade if they are to save a deep space refuelling station from the Fire Villains.

· 8 October – Mission # 6 & 7 two-part special: Savage Planet at 10am and 6pm The Heroes search for a stranded adventurer on a dangerous jungle planet.