Chinese Joint Venture Announces Preschool Series “Mr. Dragon’s Park” Chinese Joint Venture Announces Preschool Series “Mr. Dragon’s Park”

Chinese Joint Venture Announces Preschool Series “Mr. Dragon’s Park”

BEIJING and LOS ANGELES, FEBRUARY 3, 2012 — CCTV Animation, Inc., along with production partners Dalian Tsanghao Digital Technology Co., Foxfield Entertainment, and Studio CHOPS, announce the production of Mr. Dragon’s Park, a 26-episode preschool series already in production for delivery in early 2013.   The original series was developed by CCTV Animation and Foxfield Entertainment, and introduces a friendly dragon that is the host of a magical park.

“We are pleased to be bringing this exciting new series to the world television market,” said Mr. Wang Ying, General Manager of CCTV Animation Inc.  “It has been a fruitful and creative collaboration with our partners, but more importantly, Mr. Dragon’s Park is a celebration of what it means to be a child.”  The series focuses on “creative play,” helping children to use their imaginations to fuel their own fantasies and adventures.

Sean Chu, the President of Studio CHOPS, is one of the Executive Producers.  “The series offers wit, wisdom and wish-fulfillment,” said Mr. Chu. “I believe children everywhere will be entertained and Mr. Dragon himself is destined to become one of the world’s favorite cartoon characters.  We’re excited to be attending KidScreen this year, and to announce Mr. Dragon’s Park,” added Mr. Chu. 

Mr. Dragon’s Park was created by Bruce Johnson of Foxfield Entertainment and the creative team at CCTV Animation under the direction of Mr. Zhijun Cai.  “We have enjoyed collaborating with Mr. Johnson and his team, out of which has emerged a funny, entertaining and incredibly charming preschool series,” said Mr. Cai.   Business direction has been provided by Mr. Junfei Zhan, one of the architects of the collaboration for CCTV Animation.  “This marks CCTV Animation’s first original series for worldwide market with an American company,” said Mr. Zhan, “and we are very pleased to be moving forward with a full series of 26 episodes.”

“This has been one of the most exciting creative experiences in my career,” said Johnson, formerly the head of PorchLight Entertainment and a multiple Emmy Award winning producer.  “The teams at CCTV and at the Dalian studio have brought these stories to life in spectacular fashion and I believe children will have as much fun watching as we’ve had working on them.”

The story editor and lead writer for the series is Carter Crocker, Emmy Award winning screenwriter for Winnie the Pooh, among other series and specials.   Music composer is Guy Michelmore and post-production is being handled by Tom Gleason, in association with Foxfield Entertainment.  Roy Allen Smith is the director.

The character art development and animation production is being produced at the Dalian Tsanghao Digital Technology Co. in Dalian, China, under the direction of Mr. Eric Zhu.  “As one of China’s leading animation studios, this is a great next step for us, not only to be producing the series but to be distributing to the international market as well.  We’re excited to be attending KidScreen this year and to be bringing Mr. Dragon’s Park with us.” 

Mr. Dragon’s Park is a unique series, fusing elements of Chinese culture, along with American, Latin American and European cultures, destined to find its place in the galaxy of children’s programs. The series is targeted for children 3 to 6 and in each 11-minute story a group of five children are taken on a fantasy adventure — created by helping children to use their own imaginations, all within the magical realm of Mr. Dragon’s Park. Whether it’s a trip to a Paris café or a visit to the Sidney Opera House or the building of a new house, each episode lets kids wander through their own imaginations, guided by the charming, musical and unpredictable Mr. Dragon himself.  26 episodes will be ready for delivery in late 2012.