The famous shogun who strived to unify all of Japan gets a whole new look this season on this time-slip comedy series

San Francisco, Calif. (June 14, 2012) Crunchyroll, Inc., continues its simulcast announcements with the addition of The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna this summer, which will features the voice talents of Kanae Ito (Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara) and Takuya Eguchi (Kazuya Kujo from Gosick). Crunchyroll users will be the first to view The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna, as it is set to air immediately after broadcast on the leader for streaming Anime and Asian content. More information can be found on

In Japanese history, Oda Nobunaga’s ambition was to unify all of Japan. While it was Nobunaga who initiated the unionizing process, it was his successors — Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu — who completed and fulfilled his dream of a unified Japan. However in this new anime series, we will jump to a parallel universe where Oda Nobuna — not Oda Nobunaga — a female shogun will attempt to achieve the same goal as her male counterpart.

“Ordinary high schooler Yoshiharu is sent back in time to the Warring States Period, however not the same time line that he remembers. There he meets Nobuna Oda – not Nobunaga, Nobuna. In this world, all the famous figureheads and warlords of the era are female! Nobuna teams up with Yoshiharu to help fuel her ambition and quest to rule the world…”

Episodes can be accessed from, the free iPad and iPhone application, the Android application, Roku, Google TV, Boxee, Vizio VIA, WD TV Live and additional set-top channels, and affiliate partners.

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