Disney To Release “Lady & The Tramp” & “Cinderella” In Diamond Collection Line-Up

Burbank, Calif., November 11, 2011 — The Walt Disney Studios proudly announces the addition of Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella to its coveted, cutting-edge Blu-rayâ„¢ Diamond Collection line-up of animated classics. Released from the Disney vault for a limited time only, the lovingly pampered cocker spaniel and the mutt from across the tracks will unveil on February 7, 2012 and Cinderella’s clock will strike midnight in Fall 2012.

Disney’s Blu-ray Diamond Collection represents The Walt Disney Studios’ most prestigious and treasured animated classics. Diamond Edition titles boast the highest level of picture and sound; feature groundbreaking, state-of-the-art immersive bonus content; and include unprecedented levels of interactivity, personalization and customization, made possible because of Blu-ray technology.

To date, the company has released four Diamond Edition titles — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Bambi and The Lion King.