Factory Connect Adds Fusion ioMemory

Salt Lake City, UTFactory Studios broke through barriers of big data production and transfer in the visual effects, animation and architectural design industries with the launch of Factory Connect, a cloud-based, on-demand six-piece animation software suite. Now, newly powered at the core by Fusion ioMemory memory and storage solutions, Factory Connect is even faster.

Adding Fusion ioMemory solutions to the core of Factory Connect’s groundbreaking platform further expedites every step–from conceptual inception to project completion–of producing and transferring creative digital content. This increased speed further broadens work time between deadlines, and allows digital artists more time to elaborate on the creative possibilities of their projects.

“Backing Factory Connect’s technologies with Fusion ioMemory unlocks the door to unparalleled production capabilities,” said CTO of Factory Studios Inc., Tom Mikota. “It develops an on-demand, turnkey solution for streaming cloud-based software to digital content creators across the globe–from large studios to individual artists.”

Fusion ioMemory boosts Factory Studios Inc.’s platform-as-a-service model of streaming software with unmatched power for data-intensive activities. The combination delivers unparalleled capabilities for rapid production and delivery, and looks to concrete itself as the standardized solution to big-data inefficiencies in the visual effects, gaming and animation industries.

“With data delivery becoming an increasing challenge for productivity and creativity in digital content creation, Fusion-io is excited to be a part of Factory Studios’ unique and innovative cloud-based solution,” said Vincent Brisebois, director of performance computing at Fusion-io. “Incorporating flash-based ioMemory solutions, like the ioDrive2 and ioFX, with Factory Connect will provide users with the throughput and performance needed to unlock their creative potential and meet tight deadlines.”