Illustrated Children’s Book Series “Tip The Mouse” Coming To Life As Preschool TV Series

Following the international publishing success of “Tip the Mouse” by Italian publisher Giunti, Italian Studio Bozzetto, Studio Campedelli, German m4e AG and RAIfiction will develop and produce a CGI television series.

Höhenkirchen/Munich, 28th Feburary 2012: Following the international success of illustrated children’s book series Topo Tip/Tip the Mouse, publisher Giunti and Italian Studio Bozzetto & Co. have partnered with German media and brand management company m4e AG to develop and produce a preschool TV series (52 x 5-7’ CGI animation). They are joined by co-production partners Studio Campedelli and Italian broadcaster RAI.

Tip the Mouse is a character created by Italian Andrea Dami and the books are published by Giunti Editore S.p.A. The children’s books with the adventures of the little mouse Tip are published all over the world and have already sold more than 4 million copies. The books are most successful in Italy, The Netherlands and Germany, where they are published under the German title Leo Lausemaus by Helmut Lingen Verlag.

The exciting stories of little mouse Tip, who lives with his family in a small house on the edge of the woods, are aiming at children aged 3-7 years. Tip tells about everything that kids are going to encounter and experience in their small world and encourages them to explore even more of their surrounding.

Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO of m4e AG: “We are very excited to work on such a beautiful project. I fell in love with this character and project from the very beginning and I am totally convinced that we can build a sustainable international preschool brand, when looking at the popularity and success that the books already have.”

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