Jean Maxime Perramon – 1947 – 2011

The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that animator Jean Maxime Perramon (Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Bionic Six, Jetsons: The Movie, The Tigger Movie) passed away on February 26, 2011 from injuries resulting from a road accident. Perramon’s most recent work was with the animation company Pepper Films Inc., which he co-founded. Here is his bio from Pepper Films’ website:

Jean Perramon brings vast experience as an outstanding director and designer to Pepper Films. Throughout his successful career, Perramon has consistently used digital technology and worked with talented digital artists and animators to create eyecatching, entertaining projects for clients such as Kellogg’s on the Froot Loops campaign, Keebler, Mattel, Huggies and Gatorade and the opening title animation sequence for Disney’s The Tigger Movie.

Additionally, he worked at Duck Soup Studios as a director and designer for over 10 years on various award-winning spots such as FILA/Footlocker “Run Ball,” Pop Tarts “Keep Away,” McDonald’s “Foxy,” and the 7-Up “Spot” campaigns. Perramon was a concept art on FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

Perramon began his career in Los Angeles as a Production Designer for Richard Williams Animation Studio. Prior to immigrating to Los Angeles, Perramon was based in Paris as an art director for the Oscar Mors et Varout ad agency where he worked exclusively on the L’Oreal account.