MassMarket Hires Fabien Coupez

Fabien Coupez has joined MassMarket as Senior Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor. Coupez comes to the MassMarket team with over 14 years of experience in the visual effects realm working on top productions worldwide with companies such as MacGuff Ligne, Wizz, Premiere Heure, Digital District and Film Delux.

With a deep background in the arts and sciences, Coupez is known for his exceptionally high standard of work balanced with creativity and technique. His focus on quality and precision has led to relationships with internationally acclaimed directors in the commercial, music video and feature film worlds such as Bruno Aveillan, H5, Pleix, Stylewar, Harold Einstein and filmmaker Jan Kounen, with whom he worked on the acclaimed film 99 Francs as well as a Peugeot-407 spot. Clients range from fashion (Prada by Jean-Paul Goude, L’Oreal by No Brain) to cars (Audi by Sebastien Chantrel, BMW by Nico Beyer) to large brands (France Telecom by Daniel Askill, Lipton by Mike Maguire).