QINGDAO, CHINA. DeZerlin Media, an animation and comics creative boutique, is launching into the global marketplace with a diverse variety of product, from animated features to series, graphic novels, children’s books, games, and merchandise.

The lead title is Dragon Twins, an edgy sci-fi thriller about the discovery of dragon DNA, and what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. The animated feature is produced in association with Pangon Digital in Beijing, with the movie leading a stream of product that includes a graphic novel illustrated by Singapore’s Imaginary Friends, games, and merchandise.

On the other end of the spectrum, the children’s fantasy, Sasha’s Adventure, tells the story of a young boy from earth recruited to help save another planet from an evil queen. Much like a Lord of the Rings for younger viewers, the story is filled with fascinating characters and extraordinary exploits. The movie is coupled with a children’s book series, games, and a comic strip.

And in classic Disney tradition, 41 Robur Road tells the tale of a heroic cat and his hapless owner in WWII London saving their neighborhood during the bombings. The animated film will spin into a book series, games, and products.

Other projects in the pipeline include animated series, SNAFU, a futuristic adventure, Dragonfly, and a comic book series.

Under the leadership of CEO Lin Zhang, DeZerlin Media is taking an approach much different from most Chinese companies, “Rather than take the usual road of building a huge animation studio with hundreds of workers, we have chosen to focus on the creative and storytelling aspects of our projects, and partner with some of the top studios in China for production services.”

Intent on producing truly global product, DeZerlin Media has partnered with a variety of international experts, including director Jonathan Lawrence (Treasure of the Templars, Dream Parlor, The Family Mancuso), action director Eric Chen (Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rush Hour), animation director Adrian Chan (Tintin, Legend of the Guardians, Chronicles of Narnia), producers Frank Antonelli and Caroline Zelder (A Plumm Summer, The Most Precious Gift, Watch the Skies), and writer/producer Mark Byers (Gua Sha, Criminal Act, Dragon Squad).

“It’s a real delight working with Lin Zhang at DeZerlin,” said producer Mark Byers. “They have carefully studied the international market and understand what works, and why. They mix their knowledge of the market with an unquenchable passion for storytelling, and have created some extraordinary projects.”

DeZerlin product is set to begin rolling out by the end of the year with the first Dragon Twins graphic novel and a Sasha’s Adventure children’s book, and the first series planned for release in 2012.

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