New On-Line School: Entertainment Arts Academy New On-Line School: Entertainment Arts Academy

New On-Line School: Entertainment Arts Academy

The former Senior Art Director of Disney Interactive Armando Soto is partnering with several colleagues in the industry to help usher in the next generation of animators and artists.

Described by Soto as an “attractive alternative to high cost art animation art classes”, is an Internet on-line learning website that aims to stand out with 1-2 high quality entertainment arts classes at a cost of only $20.

“We only have the first few classes up right now but by the end of this month we will have 10 classes on-line and ready to watch,” explained Soto. ” We hope to subtitle into French, Italian, German and Spanish soon. Since you seem to have a passion for art I wanted to let you know we are alive and hope to make big things happen this year.”

For $20, visitors to can take as many classes as they want, a sharp difference from other institutions that offer a sole workshop ranging between $100 to $500.

“I believe that in tough economic times like this with art being canceled in some school programs this might be a great alternative for parents and college students to take advantage of,” Soto explained.