New TV Series “The Adventures of Figaro Pho” Announced by Chocolate Liberation Front & Ambience Entertainment

Transmedia production company Chocolate Liberation Front (CLF) together with Omnilab Media’s Ambience Entertainment announce a partnership to produce a groundbreaking new television series The Adventures of Figaro Pho. At the same time, they have inked worldwide distribution partners for the TV property with ZDF Enterprise, ABC Commercial and D360.

The Adventures of Figaro Pho is the brainchild of creator and director Luke Jurevicius, who first introduced Figaro to the screen in 2008 as a series of critically acclaimed shorts produced for ABC TV. The new 13 x 30 mins (39 x 7 min) CGI TV series will follow the charmingly tragic character, Figaro Pho who has every phobia from A to Z.

The new series will be supported through the continued investment of the SAFC and additional investment from Screen Australia and Screen New South Wales.

The project brings together an experienced team including Creative Director Deane Taylor (A Nightmare Before Christmas, Popeye, The Pink Panther, Ren & Stimpy), Animation Director David Webster (Erky Perky series 1-3, Pop Pups) and the return of exciting new writer Matthew Phipps (Figaro Pho, Man Friday Project).

The series is produced by former ABC TV Head of Interactive, Dan Fill (World of Infinite Curiosity, Wild Kratts Interactive, Kids In The Hall, Death Comes To Town Interactive, Angela Anaconda Online) and Frank Verheggen (Immigration Nation, Figaro Pho)  with Executive Producers, Christopher Mapp (The Bank Job, W, Tomorrow When the War Began, Killer Elite) and Michael Boughen (The Loved Ones, Tomorrow When the War Began, Killer Elite).

In further news, ZDF Enterprises has secured distribution rights for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while  D360 has all rights for Canada. ABC Commercial, which is also the distributor of the original shorts Figaro Pho, holds distribution rights for the rest of the world including the United States, Australia, Asia and South America.

Frank Verheggen from Chocolate Liberation Front says, “Figaro Pho is a landmark property and we are very excited to see it moving forward with Ambience Entertainment as our co-production partner, a real privilege. Figaro Pho is perfect for the international market, particularly as a series without dialogue, and having three big distributors behind us makes for an incredible team.”

Ambience Entertainments, Creative Director, David Webster added “Figaro Pho is a marquee brand and the creator Luke Jurevicius is an extremely creative and inspiring artist.  The vision that Luke has for the longer form episodes are incredible and we can see the long term potential of the brand and very much look forward to bringing the series to life.”

Last year the original shorts Figaro Pho was a big winner at the inaugural Kidscreen Awards, claiming three top awards including Best Animated Series in the family category. Along the way it has also picked up  two prestigious awards from the Australian Film Institute, including Best Children’s Television Animation,  as well as nominations at the Banff Television Festival and the Australian Logies.

Figaro Pho is a warm-hearted, curious and mischievous character who just happens to be afflicted with a multitude of weird and wonderful phobias. If he had any friends, his personality and beauty would be infectious. Unfortunately Figaro doesn’t have any friends. In fact he’s afraid of people …  all people. And that is just one of his many fears.

The long-form series will provide an intimate experience with the loveable but tragic character and further exploration into the rich, gothic and cinematic world he inhabits.

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