New Video Introduces”Jackboots In Whitehall”, A Supermarionation Movie

NEW YORK, NY (June 30, 2011) — Today’s top actors from England and Scotland get together and voice the hilarious new spoof on World War II, Jackboots on Whitehall – made with the latest technology from the U.K.’s invented puppetry filmmaking technique, supermarionation. England’s Digital Spy calls Jackboots on WhitehallTeam America crashing headfirst into Inglourious Basterds.”

On July 26, New Video’s Flatiron Film Company will proudly release this World War II farce for the first time in the U.S. across cable VOD, digital platforms and DVD.

The world’s future is in their tiny plastic hands.

World War II: What if Nazis seized London and all of England had to band together? When scarily campy Nazi leaders invade by drilling under the English Channel and up through the cobblestones on Whitehall, Churchill leaves his quiet retirement with a cat that looks like Hitler to issue a call to arms from his bunker under Downing Street. Chris, a young farm worker with large hands, rallies the village to fight the good fight — including an alcoholic Vicar, the oldest man in the town, several idiots, a random Frenchman and Bobby Fiske, a swearing American who believes he’s battling Russia.

“At times brilliant satire, at others simply silly fun.”– IndieWire

This comedic feature film debut from Scottish brothers Edward and Rory McHenry , has an all-star cast of voices including Ewan McGregor ( Trainspotting/Star Wars Trilogy), Alan Cumming ( X2/The Good Wife ), Stephen Merchant (The Office), Dominic West ( The Wire/300 ), Rosamund Pike ( Die Another Day/An Education ), Tom Wilkinson ( The Green Hornet/Michael Clayton ), Timothy Spall ( The King’s Speech / Harry Potter ), and Richard E. Grant ( Prêt à Porter/Gosford Park ), among others.

Produced by Karl Richards of U.K. production outfit, Entertainment Motion Pictures (E-Motion), the film boasts pioneering techniques in animation, fusing innovative puppeteering animatronics developed by Rory McHenry and visual effects by MFX London. Executive Producers are Nigel Thomas and Charlotte Walls of Matador Pictures.

Jackboots on Whitehall

Pricing: $19.95 U.S., $22.95 CAN
Runtime: 91 minutes
Rating: N/A
Catalog #: NNVG248120
Language: English
Color: Color
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Genre: Animation, Comedy

DVD FEATURES : Behind-the-Scenes footage; Interviews with the Creators; Featurettes: The Swastikas, Bad Day to be a Nazi, Hitler’s Rat Pack, The Nazi Hotties, Explosions, Voiceovers; Theatrical Trailer.