New Zealand’s Huhu Studios Tapped To Make Six Direct-To-Video “VeggieTales” Specials

New Zealand animation company Huhu Studios has signed a multi-million dollar production deal with a leading American studio which produces children’s and family programming.

The US Studio, Big Idea Entertainment’s best-selling animated series VeggieTales is the top home video animated series in the US with mums of pre-schoolers. Since 1993, VeggieTales has sold more than 54 million videos, 13 million books and more than 7 million CDs.

Auckland-based Huhu Studios will produce six all-new, direct-to-video VeggieTales productions over the next two years. They will drive the pre-production, animation and post-production from their New Zealand studio for each title feature.

Founder and CEO of Huhu Trevor Yaxley says the deal is vote of confidence for the company which has been working with Big Idea for the past three years.

“This deal represents a step up in the amount of work we will be doing for Big Idea and cements a good relationship developed in the past.

“It would be an understatement to say our talented team of artists here at Huhu are excited about this opportunity; to work alongside Big Idea is a dream come true,” says Trevor Yaxley. “The other principals at our studios, David Pitts, Bill Boyce and Henry Wong, are also more than delighted to once again be associated with Big Idea Entertainment.”

General Manager for Big Idea Entertainment Leslie Ferrell says the company is pleased to partner with the talented and creative team at Huhu Studios.

“We’re confident the six new direct-to-video productions will continue to bring the timeless and delightful stories, lessons, and songs that fans around the world love, into their homes.”