Pixar Launches RenderMan On Demand Pixar Launches RenderMan On Demand

Pixar Launches RenderMan On Demand

EMERYVILLE, CA — Pixar Animation Studios launched a new cloud rendering service called “RenderMan® On Demandâ„¢.” Developed in collaboration with pioneering cloud services provider GreenButton, this service is now available on Microsoft’s Windows® Azure with Linux availability following later in 2012. “RenderMan On Demand” offers nearly instantaneous burst rendering access to hundreds and even thousands of additional cores, enabling artists and studios to deliver the highest-quality cinematic imagery with unprecedented economy and efficiency.

For two decades, Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning RenderMan has led the revolution in rendering visual effects and animation, and is the standard for creating the outstanding levels of visual photorealism that audiences expect. Today’s announcement is the result of an extensive development effort incorporating the expertise and feedback of both RenderMan users and GreenButton technical personnel with production experience. The initial phase of “RenderMan On Demand” is targeted at small to medium-sized studios based on Microsoft Windows environments. Over the next two years “RenderMan On Demand” will be expanded into a comprehensive solution for users of all levels and studios of all sizes.

“We were investigating a private cloud solution but seeing the RenderMan solution from Pixar and GreenButton was great timing and is perfect for any of our RenderMan projects.” said Darren Hyland, Head of R&D at Brown Bag Films.

“From a speed and cost perspective, the cloud service is much more appealing than those we’ve used in the past” said Simon Sangar, Senior VFX Artist at Bradley and Montgomery. “The turnaround time is much faster due to the speed of RenderMan and also the robustness of the system.”

“Working within a tight deadline has always been difficult especially when rendering animation at the very last minute”, said Nicolas Chaverou, Golaem Crowd Project Manager. “In spite of the time difference, the process was very straightforward, asset upload and distribution on the Cloud, and 54 minutes of Cloud Rendering later it was in a wrap instead of the 20 days it would have otherwise required. Magic! In addition, GreenButton provided great support including feedback about improving our pipeline.”

For more information about this new service please refer to the RenderMan On Demand FAQ Pricing is based on the cloud computing industry metric of a CPU core hour, consisting of RenderMan license(s), computer (core) processing charges, and GreenButton managed service fees for one hour (or part thereof) and may vary depending on performance requirements. For further details about pricing and any other questions concerning Pixar’s RenderMan, please contact rendermansales@pixar.com.