“Pocoyo” Creator To Be Listed On NY Stock Exchange Over-The-Counter Markets

Madrid, 10 November, 2011.- Zinkia, a Spanish company specializing in entertainment brand production and management and creator of the multi award-winning property Pocoyo, has received authorization from the US securities market regulator, SEC (the Securities Exchange Commission), for an issue of Level-1 ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) on Zinkia shares earmarked for placement among US investors. Each ADR will represent 5 Zinkia ordinary shares and will be listed on the Over the Counter markets (OTC) of the New York Stock Exchange.

An ADR is a physical certificate that endorses the deposit of shares in a US bank for companies that have been established outside the United States. In the case of Zinkia, the depository institution for the ADRs is The Bank of New York Mellon, while the custodian in Spain for the underlying shares is the BBVA. ADRs are traded and settled in accordance with the regulation of US stock exchanges and speeds up payments of dividends in American dollars.

This transaction will let the production company diversify its investment base, as well as improve its positioning in the US market, essential for company development. This operation does not involve a capital increase or an increase in financing for Zinkia, as it is executed on existing shares.

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