Rain Releases Element VFX

RINGWOOD, NJ — Rain Computers, designer of high performance audio and visual production computers for clients including Conan O’Brien, Sirius/XM and Cirque du Soleil, has officially launched the new Element VFX 3D + Graphics Workstation. Part of Rain’s flagship Element line of visual production workstations, Element VFX offers the ultimate performance and stability for the software behind most video games, commercials and feature films including 3ds Max and Maya from Autodesk and Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

The new Element VFX, which starts at $2599 with a quad-core and 8GB of memory, offers a sleek aluminum enclosure, powerful yet quiet operation and myriad options including 3rd generation Intel Xeon 4 and 6-core processors, 32 gigabytes of quad-channel memory by Corsair, NVIDIA Quadro, GeForce and Tesla graphics, up to 10 terabytes of high performance storage and an optional Liquid Cooling System that leaves the entire computer virtually silent no matter how hard you push.

Element VFX is designed to be driven at maximum speed without heat, noise, performance or stability issues. Professional and novice visual designers alike will note the lack of available downtime between deadlines, a problem that Rain does its best to alleviate through a comprehensive support program called RainCare as well as Rain Ensemble Plug & Play Service designed to help with the “grey area” between your computer, software and hardware.

“We live in an age of video games, computer aided design and commercials with higher production value than the first Star Wars.” said Kevin Jacoby, CEO of Rain Computers. “Stop and think about the people who make all those things and you realize how important it is for the creative community to have the best hardware available. We designed Element VFX to be the very best and we feel honored to be part of the creative process the minute they turn it on.”

Having been designed for video editing too, Element VFX got its first try out with the US Olympic Committee this year in London which is the perfect example of the “failure is not an option” scenarios for which Rain designs its workstations.

In addition to the latest generation of Intel Xeon processor architecture favored by software manufacturers like Adobe and Avid over its more consumer friendly Core i7 counterpart, Element VFX also features the latest NVIDIA Quadro workstation graphics accelerators, GeForce “Kepler” GTX video cards and Tesla companion processors which, when combined with Quadro technology form the Maximus platform developed to cut down on rendering time and bring additional power to bear for graphic intensive projects.

With the badly out of date MacPro languishing in the shadows of its more popular consumer electronics cousins like iPhone and iPad, and venerable names like HP and Dell struggling to follow an evolving PC market, Element VFX stands out as a purpose-built, no compromise solution for modern content creators who, as a community, represent the architects of all we see and hear from day to day. The new Element VFX 3D + Graphics Workstation starts at $2599 with an Intel “Sandy Bridge-E” Xeon quad-core processor, 8GB of quad-channel memory by Corsair and NVIDIA Quadro 600 workstation-class graphics. The newest Element is available now  through the Rain Custom Shop as well as select Rain Authorized Dealers including the famed B&H Photo in New York City.