Rainmaker Entertainment Launches YouTube Channel with New Original Short “Zapped!”

Rainmaker Entertainment, the multifaceted animation studio and one of Canada’ largest producers of CG animation, will launch a new channel on YouTube beginning today. The first feature slotted to debut on the Rainmaker YouTube channel will be an original short animated feature, Zapped!, starring company mascots Ting and Juma. The announcement was made today by Catherine Winder, President and Executive Producer, Rainmaker Entertainment.

To view Rainmaker’s new YouTube channel, web surfers can click the following link:

Zapped! is based on two characters originally devised as mascots for Rainmaker Entertainment, Ting and Juma. Ting, a small energetic alien with attitude personifies man’s technological advances while Juma, an adventure seeking barbarian, represents humankind’s inventive nature.

“Ting and Juma, like all great duos in film history, inspire us to step out of the box and take a risk,” said Winder. “Butch and Sundance, Thelma and Louise and now Ting and Juma will take audiences on a wild, adventurous ride that begins with Juma being assaulted by a mosquito and Ting, his loyal compatriot, coming to his rescue.

Winder added: “We are also pleased to premiere Zapped! on our new YouTube channel. This is an exciting platform that will give our artists the instant ability to show their work to the world. With the flick of a button, our shorts will now be in position to be shared to a variety of social media networks. This gives our artists a powerful outlet they’ve never had before.”

Based on a concept by Mike West, Zapped! will also be available for viewing on the Rainmaker Entertainment website. The short was directed by Zeke Norton and produced by Winder. Francesca Natale served as the art director with CG supervision handled by Rick Glumac. Edited by Nicholas Shepard, Craig Berkey was in charge of sound design and re-recording mix.

Rainmaker Entertainment has produced a number of short films starring Ting and Juma, beginning with Stumped, a 50-second short unveiled at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver which had the duo creating a new snow sport. The short played at numerous venues during the Olympic Games, including the BC Canada Pavilion and at the VX 2010 Showcase.