Red Kite Animations Unveils Rebrand

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Award-winning production company Red Kite Animations, part of global media agency August Media Holdings, has unveiled a new company logo.

The new logo, which combines a hand-cut letterform with the image of a child and kite, will officially launch during the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield next month. The new look is part of a brand refresh that includes the redevelopment of the Red Kite Animations website, to be launched later in July.

“Now is a great time to refresh our corporate identity,” said Ken Anderson, Founder of Red Kite Animations, Executive Director & Chief Creative Officer of August Media Holdings. “We have a full and fresh development slate and are seeing exceptional growth, yet our aim to produce content of world class quality with global appeal remains constant. The hand-cut typeface was chosen to express the originality and creative attention Red Kite applies to each of its projects; and while the kite has obvious connection to our company name, as a symbol it is a universal expression of invention, imagination and fun — qualities that correspond to children, the business we are in and the Red Kite team.”

The new logo design was developed with the services of Manchester based Refinery Group.