Los Angeles, CA — Saban Brands, the brand owner for the iconic Paul Frank franchise, introduces the brand new animated preschool series Julius Jr. and names MarVista Entertainment the international television distributor for the 2D animated series.The announcement was made today by Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands and Fernando Szew, CEO, MarVista Entertainment.

Saban Brands and Brain Power Studio are currently in production on 26 half-hour episodes (or 52 x 11 minute episodes) of Julius Jr., a preschool series starring characters based on the Paul Frankbrand, which MarVista will debut to international television buyers at thisyear’s MIP Junior market.

In the new series, Julius Jr. is a monkey with a penchant for invention and adream, a team and a scheme to make all his wildest imaginings come true.  When Julius Jr. first sees The Box he knows right away what it is – a playhouse, perfect for himself and his very best friends.  But inside The Box something magical happens.  Everyday items come to life with quirky characteristics and unexpected results.  Every episode is the perfect recipe for fun in a playhouse that can do anything and take our gang anywhere! Every day, Julius Jr. proves that the best inventions are the ones that help your friends!

“We are always looking for unique ways to expand our brand and engage consumers on a multitude of platforms, and with Julius Jr., we will achieve our goal of extending our reachinto the preschool market,” comments Dekel.  “MarVista has done a phenomenal job representing Saban Brands properties in the international television marketplace, including the Power Rangers franchise which is now aired by top-tier broadcasters across the globe, and we look forward to further developing our relationship as we introduce Julius Jr. to current and new partners at MIP Junior.”

“The Saban Brands and MarVista partnership has proven to be a highly successful one, and naturally, we are honored to further our relationship, working closely with Elie and the rest of his team to continue to deliver Saban Brands programming to broadcasters across the globe”,” states Szew.  “Julius Jr. is an imaginative and engaging series with magical elements that speaks directly to the preschoolmarket, and in combination with the high production quality that Saban Brands brings to all of their properties and the global awareness of Julius, we have no doubt that the series will be a hit with our broadcast partners and their viewers.”

Saban Brands will support Julius Jr. with a global consumer products campaign currently in development.

Chris Arrant

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