Shoran Releases RenderPal V2 Software

Shoran Software announced the six-point release of RenderPal V2, the well-known render farm manager. This new version brings many great new features, plenty of improvements and important bug fixes, as well as support for four new renderers out-of-the-box: Modo, Arnold, RVIO and Pdplayer.

In this release, the net job dependency has been extended: A net job can now also wait for similar chunks of one or more superior net jobs, not just for the entire jobs. The dependent net job will check if one or more of its own chunks can be rendered by matching either their IDs, frame ranges or image slices against those of its superior net jobs.

Many applications can be (or even have to be) controlled via external script files. RenderPal V2 now makes creating such script files extremely easy with its script templates: Every renderer can automatically create a script file based on a template that uses a simple but very effective template language.

The scene files as well as the output file and directory in a render set can now contain parameters from the selected renderer that will then be replaced with the corresponding value set in the render set for each chunk of the resulting net job. If a list parameter is used and the corresponding chunk has more than one value in its list, the chunks will automagically have more than one scene.

It is now possible to select an action if the rendering time is too short or too long: If it is too short, the chunk can either be restarted (the old behavior) or it can be cancelled; if it is too long, the chunk can be restarted, cancelled or skipped.

Other new additions and improvements include selecting additional user accounts in net jobs who should receive email notifications, combined scene lists for renderers (multiple scenes will not be automatically split into individual chunks) and the ability to control net job chunks via command-line.

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