Shut Up! Cartoons Present “Krogzilla” Shut Up! Cartoons Present “Krogzilla”

Shut Up! Cartoons Present “Krogzilla”

Shut Up! Cartoons, the new animation channel powered by YouTube heavyweights Smosh, brings you its next animated series: Krogzilla!

Born as an unknown mutation of aquatic lizard, Krogzilla was a 200 foot tall fire breathing sea monster that terrorized coastal cities all over the world, until a team of scientists defeated him by shrinking. Now reduced to only six feet in height, Krogzilla has to figure out how to become a functioning member of society. First thing Krog needs to do is find a job:

Catch Krogzilla on Shut Up! Cartoons every Thursday at 12PST!

As part of YouTube’s Original Channel offering, Smosh – the 3rd largest channel on YouTube – has brought together a stellar roster of established and up-and-coming animators to create 18 original animation series airing throughout the year. The first three series premiered on Shut Up! Cartoons last month and have already garnered over 15 Million views!