Six Point Harness Exec John Andrews Launches 6 Point Media

Led by CEO Brendan Burch, Six Point Harness announced today that Executive Producer John Andrews has joined them to form a new venture called 6 Point Media. Andrews, the former EP of ka-chew!, has combined that roster with the talent pool of Six Point Harness and several new signings.

To view the new directorial line-up for 6 Point Media and their recent projects, go here:

“Together, in this new venture, we hope to take on projects that allow us to display our understanding of the interconnectivity of content, media and brands on a level beyond a typical production entity,” explains Burch. “As we produce a wider array of media, utilizing an ever-growing range of production techniques, we want to be thought of as the ‘go-to’ studio for anything having to do with leading-edge animation, design and digital content. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be building this new company with John.”