Skywriter’s “Camp Lakebottom” greenlit for TELETOON Canada

TORONTO — (September 28, 2011) — Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group have received the green light from TELETOON Canada Inc. to begin production on 26 episodes of Camp Lakebottom, an animated comedy for six to 11 year-olds. The half-hour series is slated for delivery in late fall 2012.

Camp Lakebottom was created by Betsy McGowen and Eric Jacobson, and developed by Skywriter’s Meghan Davies and TELETOON’s Athena Georgaklis, Manager, Original Productions and Alan Gregg, Director, Original Content. Head Writers are Rob Pincombe and Shelley Hoffman (Kid vs. Kat); Directors are Phil Lafrance and Jamie Leclaire (Jimmy Two Shoes); Animation is being done at Jam Filled; Supervising Producer is Steve Hodgins (Max and Ruby). The announcement was made by Skywriter CEO and Executive Producer, Kevin Gillis (Atomic Betty, Jimmy Two Shoes).

“We are very excited to be working with the great team at TELETOON in making Camp Lakebottom, a hilarious must-see hit for kids everywhere,” said Gillis. “This is the summer camp every kid would love to go to — if only!”

“Camp Lakebottom is the only summer camp where you don’t have to make up the late night campfire stories,” said Alan Gregg, Director, Original Content, TELETOON Canada Inc. “We are delighted with how the show has evolved and feel that it will be a great addition to our exciting lineup.”

Targeted for boys and girls, aged six to 11, the series follows the hilarious summer adventures of Lakebottom’s rambunctious young campers and their creep show counselors. Camp Lakebottom will take viewers into the most awesomely horrible summer camp in the world. The cabins are possessed, the staff members are a real creep show … and the kids are having way too much fun! With outrageous set-ups, plentiful freaks of nature and campers so over-the-top, they have to hang out a sixth story window just to tie their shoes, Camp Lakebottom will be the funniest, most horrifying vacation paradise on TV!