Suzie Templeton to Lead Stop-Motion Master Class at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film

In a four-day master class, Oscar-winning animation director Suzie Templeton gives insight in her creative process and working methods. She presents the genesis of her films and focuses on the importance of stillness in animation. How to capture ones intentions and the characters in stop-motion? She talks about the formation of Peter And The Wolf, how the score interacts with the narrative and animation. Sketches, original puppets and the films will illustrate the process.

Main part of the master class consists of animating puppets. Participants are invited to bring their own puppets to animate. Armatures for animating are available on request.

Suzie Templeton’s look inside her working process and the discussion of the participants work will form the ground for the practically-oriented days to follow. Participants are emphatically invited to bring earlier works and work in progress to share and discuss.

Meet stop motion master Suzie Templeton and discuss your work and animate under her experienced and watchful eye.

Suzie Templeton (UK, 1967) is an Oscar-winning writer, animator and director specialising in stop-motion. She is experienced in working independently and solitary as well as in a studio setting. She studied science and animation in Farnham and at the Royal College of Art. Dog (shot in the basement of the school) won Grand Prize at the Holland Animation Film Festival and a BAFTA. The half hour adaptation of Prokofiev’s Peter And The Wolf premiered with a live score at the Royal Albert Hall. The production of the film took over two hundred people and over five years to complete and won major prizes all over the world, including an Academy Award.

When: Wednesday, September 12 — Saturday, September 15 / 10AM — 5PM daily
Where: Netherlands Institute for Animation Film, Tilburg

Language of the master class: English!
Costs: € 350 VAT excluded, but lunch included.

Applications are open till 1 September!

Number of participants is limited!