TELETOON Canada Screens New Season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” at Fan Expo Canada 2011

(Toronto, ON, August 12, 2011) — TELETOON Canada inc. announced today that they will be screening the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season four, episode one at Fan Expo Canada 2011 on August 27 at 5 p.m. in room 718 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The season will be an exciting one, where viewers will see the heroic Jedi Knights and their clone army fight to preserve order. Season four will show efforts met with strong resistance from the massive Separatist droid army. Escalating and expanding into uncharted corners of the galaxy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars grows with exotic adventures and enhanced animation. Within the galactic battle, fearsome foes from the past return to settle the score, including lethal adversaries such as bounty hunter Cad Bane and the monstrous Savage Opress.

Hosted by TELETOON at Night’s Fred Kennedy, fans in attendance will get the chance to win one of three mystery prize packs to be revealed onsite.

Also at Fan Expo Canada, TELETOON will be hosting a booth where fans can participate in a TELETOON Quiz for a chance to win a 64G iPad2.