th1ng Directs CG TV Commercial for McDonalds Spain

Andy Powell of London-based th1ng, mixed media and animation production company, has directed a new TV commercial for McDonald’s in Spain.

The 20” TV spot, commissioned by agency TBWA Madrid, celebrates McDonald’s 30th anniversary in Spain featuring its latest installation of the classic McDonald’s Monopoly game. The commercial Cake is a 3D simulation of the board game animated into a party theme. Click here to watch:

Set on a giant birthday cake, Mr Monopoly takes the center stage to reveal the many prizes to be won. As the animation unfolds the camera navigates through the game to showcase its key promotions. Ranging from electronic gadgets to travel perks we see them popping up onto the board animated into various effects. Rows of mobile phones, TVs and consoles fall backwards, line up or drop on parachutes all roller-coasting through colourful confetti and fireworks. The ad ends with Mr Monopoly presenting a “spend me” credit card before closing off with an anniversary strapline and a McDonald’s logo.

Andy Powell, who has previously directed commercials for Kellogg’s, Xbox, Airwick, Covonia and Felix, said: “We needed to create a short animated spot with a lot of impact and a celebratory theme. To do this we animated graphics styling its texture with various 3D elements to bring the advert to life together in a dynamic tempo and a suitable voiceover”.

th1ng animated, edited, composited and produced the commercial in-house. The ad airs this week in Spain.


Client: McDonald’s
Agency: TBWA Madrid
Director: Andy Powell
Production Company: th1ng
Post Production: INSERT
Producer: Milana Karaica, Maria Leal
Air Date: Spain, from 12 December