Zodiak Kids Debuts New Series “The Marco Macaco Show” At MIPTV

Paris, France – Paris-based Tele Images Productions, part of Zodiak Kids, and Danish studio Nice Ninja, are delighted to unveil at  MIPTV a pilot episode of The Marco Macaco Show, the new 3D animated non-verbal comedy series produced with Canal +.

Zodiak Kids, Zodiak Media’s children’s production and distribution arm, holds the distribution rights to the series and will start pre-sales of this slapstick comedy to major territories at MIPTV.

Plans are to start the production of the 52 x 5’ series (or 26 x 11’) in September 2012 in France and Denmark for delivery in 2013.

Philippe Alessandri, CEO of Tele Images Productions, comments: “With channels becoming increasingly more interested in co-viewing, The Marco Macaco Show is the type of high quality cartoon that can be watched by parents with their children.”

Thomas Borch Nielsen, CEO of Nice Ninja and creator of the series, adds: “The Marco Macaco Show is the kind of universal storytelling that hits you straight in the funny bone.”

The Marco Macaco Show tells the daily adventures of the worlds most dedicated beach officer, Marco Macaco. Unfortunately his extreme love of order starts one catastrophe after the other. In his eagerness to do things the right way, Marco manages to be zapped by his stun gun, get stuck under a grand piano, fly off with a rocket, handcuff himself and knock the president out — all in just one day.

The Marco Macaco Show is a spin-off series based on the forthcoming animated theatrical feature film Marco Macaco by Jan Rahbek, which will premiere later this year.

The Marco Macaco Show is the next animated comedy show to come from Tele Images Productions after the successful Sally Bollywood series. It is also Nice Ninja’s first TV series, having only produced feature films to date.