After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Jim Korkis’ latest book Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories is finally ready for publication. It has just been listed on Amazon as both an e-book and a physical book (remember those?).

This time, Korkis (who has also revised his great volume The Vault of Walt) provides the most definitive account of the now-banned 1946 live action/animation Uncle Remus movie – the only Disney feature never released on DVD – its history, its production, and the controversy that still surrounds it. Is Song of the South racist? Is it inappropriate for modern audiences? Why has Disney refused to release the film theatrically since 1986? Using inside sources and dozens of personal interviews with those who worked on the film, Jim examines every aspect of Song of the South’s troubled history: the problems writing the screenplay, the background of the live actors, how the animation was created, Walt Disney’s personal contributions, why the film remains controversial today, and every other aspect of the film you can’t but should see.

The book also features a lengthy foreword by Disney Legend Floyd Norman. Jim also shares seventeen amazing — and equally forbidden — stories the Disney Company wishes were never told. You’ll learn about Disney’s sex education film, Walt’s plan for Mickey Mouse to commit suicide, Tim Burton’s depressed stint at the Disney Studios, Ward Kimball’s UFO obsession, Walt’s owl nightmares, the Disneyland Memorial Orgy poster, and lots more.

More info on this book will be posted soon on the publisher’s website – or order it on Here’s a look at the contents:

Table of Contents

Part 1:

Song of the South: The Beginning
Song of the South: The Screenplay
Song of the South: The Cast
Song of the South: The Live Action
Song of the South: The Animation
Song of the South: The Music
Song of the South: The World Premiere
Song of the South: The Controversy
Song of the South: The Reviews
Song of the South: The Conclusion

Part 2:

Song of the South Credit List
Story Summary of the Film
Short Biography of Joel Chandler Harris
Song of the South Dummies
The Brer Characters
Song of the South Actors That Never Were
Disney Uncle Remus Comic Strip
The Disney Uncle Remus Comic Strip That Never Was
The Song of the South Song
The Power of Words
Song of the South Book
That’s What Uncle Remus Said
Splash Mountain
Saturday Night Live Parody

Part 3:

Whatever Happened to Little Black Sunflower?
Disney’s Story of Menstruation
Disney Attacks Venereal Disease
Disneyland Memorial Orgy Poster Story
Jessica Rabbit: Drawn to Be Bad
Mickey Mouse Attempts Suicide
Walt’s Owl Nightmare
The Mickey Rooney Myth
J. Edgar Hoover Watches Walt
The Myth of Walt’s Last Words
Walt Liked Ike
Disney’s Secret Commercial Studio
The Sweatbox: The Documentary Disney Doesn’t Want Seen
Tim Burton’s Real Nightmare at Disney
Disney John Carters That Never Were
Ward Kimball and UFOs
Walt’s Fantasy Failure: Baum’s Oz

Click on the thumbnails below to see the cover of the book, and a gallery of Song Of The South movie posters throughout the years:

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