Every time you want to stop writing about Frozen, it breaks another record. This weekend, the Disney smash hit remained in first place at the Japanese box office for an incomprehensible eleventh weekend in a row. Its $193.7 million gross pushed ahead of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle to become the 3rd highest-grossing movie ever in Japan. In that country, Frozen trails only Titanic ($201.4 million) and Spirited Away ($229.6M) on the all-time list. Worldwide, Frozen surpasssed Iron Man 3 this week to become the 5th highest-grossing movie of all time with $1.22 billion.

In other box office news, Rio 2 earned an estimated $2.5 million in its 7th weekend for a U.S. total of $121.6M. Global gross is $448.2M, which is still short of the original’s $484.6M.

Thanks to a sinister Hollywood conspiracy to destroy the otherwise perfect Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, the film grossed a pitiful $432,000 in its 3rd weekend. It has earned $7.7M to date in the United States.

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