Incredibles 2. Incredibles 2.

Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2 hit a couple of new milestones today.

At the domestic box office, it surpassed $600 million, becoming just the ninth film overall, and first animated, to reach the mark. No animated film prior to the Incredibles sequel had even breached $500 million, so this record may stand for a while.

To help get to $600 million, Disney added 1,830 screens this weekend for the Brad Bird-directed film, presenting the film on a total of 2,890 screens. That’s an abnormally large number of screens for a film in its 12th weekend, but it allowed the film to gross $3.1m, putting its overall domestic at $601m.

Internationally, Incredibles 2 has now earned $562.5m, lifting its global total to $1.16 billion. This weekend, the film slipped by Minions ($1.15 billion) to become the second-highest earning theatrical animation release of all-time. The only animated film ahead of it is Disney’s Frozen with $1.27 billion.

The last two remaining international releases for Incredibles 2 are Italy and Germany. It will open in both countries later this month.