Cartoon Brew TV #15: A Few Quick Facts

(Alternate commentary-free version: This link will allow you to watch the cartoon without audio commentary)

This episode from the Cartoon Brew TV Vault features a rare episode of A Few Quick Facts, a companion series to Warner Bros. Private Snafu shorts. This cartoon was originally shown to servicemen during World War II as part of the Army/Navy Screen Magazine, a newsreel program produced from June 1943 until early 1946 by the Army Signal Corps under the supervision of director Frank Capra. This 3-part episode honors the Navy’s latest battleships; praises the American soldier’s brain; and explains the cost and care of a G.I’s shoes.

A Few Quick Facts were produced by several Hollywood studios, including MGM, Hugh Harman Productions and United Film Productions (later known as UPA). The budgets were low, but the artists were allowed a lot of freedom to experiment with graphics and pioneer limited animation techniques which would soon, for good or ill, become commonplace in the industry.

Jerry Beck and Mark Kausler provide audio commentary on this short. Thanks to Keith Paynter for providing this rare film to us. Special kudos to Michael Geisler for recording the commentary track, and Randall Kaplan for sound and picture editing.