CBTV Student Fest #2: Tiny Hats by Penelope Gazin

Our offering for the second week of Cartoon Brew TV’s Student Festival is Penelope Gazin‘s Tiny Hats. It was made at CalArts during her freshman year. We were attracted to the film for its concise and fresh storytelling, silly visual style, and catchy song (composed by Gazin herself). Questions and comments can be directed to Penelope in the comments. Here are her notes on the film:

Since this was my first animation, I decided that my only goal was to enjoy myself. That way, I could push any expectations or pressures aside, and just learn what I loved most about the animation process. I squeezed in every art form I love: animation, illustration, painting, stop motion, song writing and ukulele playing. I still don’t know if that was the best approach in terms of the finished product, but I had so much fun making this thing that I have no regrets. I was pulling all nighters months before it was due just because I couldn’t stop working on it. I never made a storyboard, a character model sheet, or a script for the film. The song (which narrates the plot) wasn’t written until after I had finished animating. I jumped into this project with very little idea of what I was doing and how to even do any of it not knowing or caring if anything would come together. As a result I ended up learning in a very organic and intuitive way and I am glad I was reckless enough to go about it the way that I did. My goal is to have my own cartoon show with my brothers.

See more of Penelope Gazin’s work on her Flickr page.