Wreck-It Ralph was the box office champion this weekend with an estimated $49.1 million U.S. box office gross. This is reportedly the highest opening weekend ever for a Disney animated feature film. According to Box Office Mojo:

The movie’s audience skewed younger (57 percent under the age of 25) and male (55 percent), and they gave it a strong “A” CinemaScore. Considering the positive word-of-mouth and lack of competition over the next few weeks, Wreck-It Ralph could be on its way to as much as $200 million at the domestic box office.

Ralph took in almost double that of it’s nearest competitor – Robert Zemeckis’ Flight, which grossed about $25 million. Sony’s Hotel Transylvania has held on very well, with $4.5 million added this weekend to its total $137 million gross (so far). Frankenweenie is sinking fast, it’s total gross thus far at $33.3 million.

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