Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver a speech about the economy at DreamWorks Animation. It is, as far as we know, the first speech ever given by an American President inside of an animation studio.

Artists at the studio have been receiving invites to attend his speech, and some employees have posted their invites online:

Outside of the studio, members of the visual effects community will be demonstrating in green to draw attention to the tax breaks and foreign subsidies that have decimated the U.S. visual effects industry. The organizers of the demonstration, who are other artists working in the industry, have also paid thousands of dollars to obtain green T-shirts for DreamWorks employees. The goal is that hundreds of artists and technical crew will greet Obama with a sea of green.

“Our intent is to get the message to President Obama that our jobs have left the country, and VFX shops have gone bankrupt due to tax incentives,” artist Dave Rand told the Hollywood Reporter. “There is hardly any VFX work left in Los Angeles.”

For artists inside of the studio, contact DreamWorks employee (and Animation Guild President-elect) Nathan Loofbourrow to obtain a shirt. Visit VFX Soldier for demonstration details and a message to DreamWorks employees. Additional coverage in the LA Times.