Bad History - Putin Bad History - Putin

“The second episode of the Bad History, featuring Vladimir Putin. Bad History is based on satire, caricature, and music, and intended for humor and nothing more.”

Directed by Andrei Brovcenco, Romania, 2020.

Produced at Framebreed Studios, Romania, 2020.

Script, lyrics, director, producer: Andrei Brovcenco
Music and sound: Ironic Distors
Mix and master: Alexandru Turcu
Art director: Andrei Nicolae
Vfx supervisor: Andrei Goran
Project manager: Mihai Puscaciu
Concept art: Andrei Nicolae, Ana Dragomir
Character modeling and texturing: Vasile Brovcenco, Raluca Barzu
Props, modeling, and texturing: Hani Issa, Alexandru Croitoru, Vasile Brovcenco
Animation: Calin Ivascu, Filip Radulescu
Technical direction: Ciprian Dumitru, Cristian Afteni
Rigging: Sandu Gonta, Ciprian Dumitru
FX and rendering: Andrei Nicolae, Cristian Afteni
Compositing: Laura Maria Mihaila, Marius Octavian Iftimie, Andrei Goran
Grading: Laura Maria Mihaila, Bogdan Jugureanu
Editing: Bogdan Jugureanu, Mihai Puscaciu

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