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‘Cleaner’ by Sung Hwan Lee

“The future of the flood due to the overflow of waste and environmental pollution. Machine robots that try to eliminate human beings who are responsible for pollution. A lonely hero, ‘cleaner,’ who lives for survivors.”

Directed by Sung Hwan Lee at Studio Shelter, South Korea, 2017.

Director: Sung Hwan Lee
Music: Justin Oh
Supervisor: Ha Jwa Mok
Artwork: Choo Soo Hyun, Kim Do Hyung
Staff: Choo Soo Hyun, Kim Sung En, Bae Joo Young, Jeon Jin Kyu, Jung Hyun Jung, Ha Juan, Kim Bom
Sound Design: Ear Candy, Lycopus/Lee Henee
Voices: Kim Ki Hyun (Cleaner), Kim Ha Young (Lycopus/Parisien), Park Tae Joon, Sung Hwan Lee, Choi Ye Sol (plants)

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